Wanted: An Apprentice.

I just got back from the Catalyst Leadership Conference in Atlanta. 13,000 Leaders.

Andy Stanley started the 2-day conference and he ended it as the last speaker. He always amazes me when he states things I know; but challenges me with things I’ve never thought of.

He brought up the idea of having an Apprentice. And what convinced me that I need to have an Apprentice? This quote:

“Someday someone will do what you’re doing. Wouldn’t it be good to be there when they do it?”

It’s sobering to think about. But we’re all replaceable — wouldn’t it be GREAT to help prepare someone for your job!

How do we apprentice someone?

Never Work Alone: Model what you do. Explain Why you do it. Demonstrate how you do it.

It’s that simple.

But Andy added an important thing. We’re never told to “fill someone’s cup”; but instead we’re to “empty ours”. If you’re a step ahead of someone else; you can apprentice.

Still don’t feel you’re ready? Then that qualifies you — because no one EVER feels it. And if you do? Then you may check your humility.

I can’t imagine that anyone can learn from me. Or that I have THAT much to teach. But I want to apprentice someone. Someone who:

  • Is willing to learn
  • Will work hard
  • Will have fun in the process
  • Will teach me what they know too

So, the search begins. And the fun! Watching someone become better than me. I’m ready to replace myself. I just need the right person… anyone willing?

  • kirk hawkins

    how old do you have to be? Ha! I may be too old. I definitely learned much nine years ago. Wow, nine years. Hope you are doing well. Andy Stanley…good stuff.


  • http://pinpointcreative.com Mark MacDonald

    9 years! Wow. We’re getting old… never too old for apprenticing :-)

  • kirk hawkins

    would love to hear more of your plan.

  • http://pinpointcreative.com Mark MacDonald

    I’ll email you the “details” :-)

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